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Adhesive Wound Dressings


Blue Detectable Plasters

Bunion Protector

Cleansing Wipes

Cohesive Bandages

Compression Bandages

Conforming Bandages

Cotton Wool Balls

Eye and Wound Wash Pods

Fabric Plasters

Face Masks

Finger Bandages

First Aid Kit Empty Bags

First Aid Kits

Foil Blankets


Glycerin Swabsticks

HSE Bandages

Ice Packs

Infection Control and PPE

Inhalation Solution

JFA Ear Plugs

Microporous Tape

Nitbusters Nit Removal Comb

Paper Pill Pots

Pill Boxes and Accessories

Safety Whistle

Sterile Low Adherent Pads


Therapy Putty

Tongue Depressors

Transparent Plasters

Triangular Bandages


Vomit / Urinal Bags and Bowls

Washproof Plasters

Washproof Dressing Strips

Wooden Spatulas

Wound Closure Strips