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JFA Medical Foil Blanket


  • JFA Medical’s premium emergency foil survival blanket
  • Each Individual blanket is tightly packed for convient storage and transport.
  • Use the blanket to wrap around yourself to keep warm – the surface reflects body heat to keep you warm

Alternative uses for the JFA Medical Emergency Foil Blanket

  • Use as an improved sling – can be used as a triangular bandage
  • Use as a tourniquet or improvised compression bandage to reduce bleeding
  • Tent insulation – line the roof of your tent, this will reflective your body heat, helping to keep the tent warm
  • Sleeping bag insulation – line the inside of your sleeping bag
  • Use the reflective surface to reflect the sun’s light to melt snow placed on blanket for drinking water
  •   Line the inside of your rucksack for waterproofing
  • Make a small woodland shelter by tying the edge of the blanket to trees.
  • Rain water collect: use the blanket to make a funnel to siphon water into a container