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JFA BSI First Response Bag First Aid Kit


Perfect first aid kit for large outdoor events, school outings and sportsFirst aid bag has fifteen internal elasticated straps for organised compartments. There is also a front zipped pocket on the outside of the bag.

Compliant with British Standards contents for a BSI medium first aid kit (BS8599-1).

Kit Contents:

1x Guidance Leaflet

6x Medium Sterile Dressings

2x Large Sterile Dressing

3x Triangular Bandages

12x Safety Pins

3x Eye Pad Sterile Dressings

60x Sterile Adhesive Dressings (Plasters)

30x Sterile Cleansing Wipes

1x Tape

9x Nitrile Disposable Gloves (Pairs)

3x Finger Sterile Dressings

1x Resuscitation Face Shield

2x Foil Blanket 2x Burn Dressing

1x Shears• 2x Conforming Bandage

1x JFA response bag

1x 500ml saline bottle

5x 20ml Saline pods

3x Burn gel sachets

1x Cold press

1x Waste bag

JFA First Response First Aid Belt Pouch


Carry important first aid items on person at all times.

Pouch designed to be worn on belt – feed onto belt strap from back of pouch.

Includes washproof plasters, wipes orange whistle, medium wound dressing, pair of gloves and safety pins.

JFA medical brand.

Kit Contents:

4 x Antiseptic wipes

20 x Washproof plasters

1x Orange Whistle

1 x Medium HSE wound dressing

1 x Pair of Gloves

6 x Assorted Safety Pins

1x Resuscitation Face Shield